Labor Day Part 1

Some days I wonder if the Mr. and I lived in Utah, would we have as many houseguests? I secretly love it. It gives me an excuse be a tourist each time someone comes to visit. It also gives me an  opportunity to check off a few sites on my NYC bucket list.

My mom, aunt and mom’s friend came in town to celebrate my Aunt’s Birthday.

Left to right: Auntie and Mommie.

We went up to 52nd Street for a Street Fair. The 52nd Street Fall Festival – SUCKED. I have been to a few street fairs, I am guessing all the great vendors took off for the Holiday. It was the same three vendors over and over again for about 6 blocks.

We decided to head to lunch but on the way we drove past Rockefeller Center. I was playing with my iPhone, when my Auntie said aloud “What’s the Observation Deck?” I looked up and told the cabbie to let us out at the corner.

My mom and aunt both gave me a puzzled look. We hopped out and I said “Let’s go to Top of the Rock!”

10 minutes and $61 bucks later, we were on top of the world.

Not quite the world, but at least the top of 30 Rock.

Top of the Rock is also home of NBC. The address is 30 Rockefeller Plaza, sound familiar?

Its the home of shows like 30 Rock,  The Today Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon too.

Empire State Building with Brooklyn in the background.

Mommie attempting to find which direction is home.

Empire State of Mind

Top of the Rock
DSC_7757Top of the Rock was a great way to see the entire city.  Get the $2 map so you can identify all the buildings too! You can stay up top as long as you want. I spent a good hour taking pictures.  Just be sure to go on a clear day for the best view.

Top of the Rock

30 Rockefeller Plaza
Entrance on 50th Street
New York, New York, 10112
Daily 8am – 12 Midnight (last elevator goes up at 11pm)

With all the great food vendor’s missing from the street fair, we headed over to Shake Shack’s newest location on 8th Avenue.
There was a short line, but both Mommie & Auntie were pleased with there NY Dogs. I had a Bird Dog (chicken). Not sure if you can really mess up a hot dog and fries. Shake Shack seems to be more of a tourist attraction than a great eatery, but I had tourists with me.

Shake Shack
6 NYC locations
691 8th Ave, Southwest Corner of 8th Ave & 44th Street

We took a quick ride through Times Square to see where the Mr. works.

Then headed home under the Hudson.

My Aunt thinks I need a Tour Bus and Microphone… might not be a bad idea.

Next stop/post  Ladies and Gentlemen is Chelsea Market and New York Stock Exchange.

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